Our Policies

mountain-2 copyWe believe that people with learning disabilities have the right to:


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LDN YOUTH Islington is operated within the safer Islington framework. We are also dedicated to ensuring that those we work with have access to our up to date policies and procedures, which we have made available below.

Child Protection Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

Appendix 1 – Definitions of Abuse

Appendix 2 – Guidance on How to Respond

Appendix 3 -Safeguarding Poster – Our Commitment to Safe Islington

Appendix 4 – What To Do If You Have Concerns About A Child Islington

Appendix 5 – Who To Contact in Islington

Appendix 6 – Islinton Ealy Help Families First

Appendix 7 – Useful Links in Islington